Sunday, October 05, 2008

[Scones Squared]

There are a few things in life that, though they have vastly differing varieties -to the point it is a wonder they are called by the same name -I happen to adore them in all their varying shapes colors and varieties. Scones are one of those things. I love the fried dough with honey version of my childhood to the point of obsession...

...And I love the sweet and savory scones, which are more like what I would call triangle shaped, sometimes flavored, biscuits -which gets confusing since here biscuits are cookies. And yeah, don't even get me started on the ketchup being called tomato sauce. I still don't even know what they call what we call tomato sauce if they call ketchup tomato {tomawto actually} sauce. I am still always so confused!

And while we're on the subject of strangeties... why is it that every other country {at least that I've been to}, store their eggs on the shelf instead of the fridge. Seriously, I'm not joking, I buy my eggs off of the grocery store shelf, down one of the aisles {next to the garbage and ziploc bags if you must know} and NOT in the dairy case. It was crazy weird at first, but after 4 years I'm used to it and even sometimes put my eggs in the pantry instead of the fridge, just when I'm feeling lazy. Also, several of the countries that I have visited only sell brown eggs. I don't think I've seen a white egg since coming here, and it was that way in Korea too.

Okay, and one other little memo to the rest of the world -shopping carts do NOT need 4 wheel-drive! Please remedy this situation post-haste! Only the front two wheels need to turn, not all of them.

Oh yeah, and one more thing you may find of interest, I am using only sugar in the raw here -because unlike home where some yuppies got a hold of it, packed it in trendy brown bags, marketed it to rich folks as 'special -you can't live without it' and charge 6 times the price of regular sugar -here they thought, "hmmm... we cut out of few steps, less work for us, let's pass the savings on to the customer" and it is the cheapest sugar and packaged like crap. Hence, I buy it.

Okay, onto the SS. The first are a Lemon Blueberry Scone that I came up with and are just delicious! Fill with cream and jam, minus the jam for me, and you will be in heaven, sipping your afternoon tea... I seriously made these and felt like I was the Pastry Chef of some quaint European bakery, it was another one of my kitchen fantasies that played out like a dream. Try them, you won't be disappointed.

The next are those fantastic gems from my girlish days of yore. They are just fried bread dough that is slathered in honey and dusted in powdered sugar. So if you have a favorite dough recipe feel free to use it, today I am providing the very famous Lion House Rolls recipe. I just make some rolls and save a bit of dough for scones and fry a few up.

Lemon & Blueberry Scones

1/4 cup butter, softened or at room temperature

2 cups flour {half white, half wheat if ya like}

1 tsp salt

2 T. baking powder

1/4 cup sugar

Zest + Juice of 1 lemon

1/2 cup milk

1/4 cup vanilla {or lemon} yogurt

1/2 cup blueberries {I used frozen}

1 egg yolk

1 tsp water

Place butter into a mixing bowl. Add flour, salt, and baking powder and cut in with a fork.

Zest the lemon and add to flour. Add in the sugar as well and mix.

Juice the lemon and add to milk, add the yogurt as well. Pour into the flour mixture and ever so gently incorporate. Gently fold in the blueberries.

Divide dough into three. On a floured surface, the first piece of dough into a square. Cut the dough in half diagonally, from corner to corner, so that you have 2 triangles. Now cut each triangle in half to make a smaller triangle. You should have made 4 triangles from the first square. Do the same to the other 2 sections.

Carefully place each scone onto a greased cookie sheet {I used stoneware}. Mix the egg with the water and use a pastry brush to paint the egg wash onto the tops and sides {make them pretty}.

Bake at 375 / 190 degrees for 15-20 minutes, or until lightly golden brown.

Serve with cream and jam or just cream or lemon cream.

-Options - I actually made 1/3 plain, 1/3 with cinnamon, and 1/3 with 1/4 vanilla bean added. They were all great, but I think I liked the vanilla bean the best -though it was close! Just keep in mind that plain will keep the intrinsic flavors bright and clean, cinnamon or other spices will make it more heavy and seasonal, and vanilla will change the flavors and pull a little bit from the original lemon and blueberry-ness of it.


PS -Einey Meeny Miney Mo... Which flavor of honey was the best? After seeing all of these varieties on a trip to the store a few weeks ago, I had to by them all, open them all, and try them all {don't tell Ben -K? He's too practical for this sort of thing}. I was sure with a name like 'Iron Bark' that one would be intriguing, and I thought for sure I would love my Clayridge Honey 'Mixed Gum' flavor -since it was so quaint to purchase it at a fair from loacally owned family owned business... but actually it was the Red Gum that was the strongest and my favorite flavor out of the Blue Gum, regular no name honey, Iron Bark and Mixed Gum honey's. Thanks for playing. PS -I totally forgot the two creamed honey's! One of which was gross, which was sad.

Lion House Rolls

2 cups warm water

2 Tablespoons dry yeast

2 t salt

1 egg

2/3 cup dry non-fat milk

1/4 cup sugar

1/3 cup butter or shortening

5-5 1/2 cups bread flour {yadayadayady, whole wheat + flax...}

In a large bowl {or kitchen aid} combine water and milk and stir until dissolved.

Add yeast, then sugar, salt, butter, egg, and 2 cups of the flour. Mix to incorporate, then mix for 2 minutes on medium speed.

Add two more cups of flour, and mix to incorporate and then again for 2 minutes.

Add another half cup of flour, by now you may need to mix by hand or dough hook {if not before now}. Mix in by half cups until dough is soft, not overly sticky but not stiff. -You may not use all of the flour or you may use more.

Grease a new bowl {I'm lazy, so I didn't} and cover with greased plastic wrap and allow to rise until double in size.

For rolls, roll out to desired roll shape, leaving plenty of dough for scones, and let rolls rise, covered. {Bake rolls at 375 / 190 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until lightly golden brown}

For scones, heat 1 inch-ish of oil in a skillet. Take about 1/3 cup dough {make any size you want actually. I make little ones for the kids and they love it} and stretch it out with your hands. When oil is hot {I don't take the temp, I just place a corner of the first scone in and if bubbles come surround it, it is ready}, place a scone or two in and fry for a minute or two until golden brown, being careful not to burn, then flip and do the other side.

Have a dish with paper towels ready for draining. Take the scone[s] out and let cool and drain {I blot, as if it helps...}. Drizzle with honey and dust with powdered sugar. Yum!


Lisa said...

I am dreaming of one with a cup of tea right now.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Both specialities look tremendously delicious! I particularly love those Scones!

Cheers and have a nice week,


Joe Horn said...

You are on a posting/cooking warpath. Wow!

mikky said...

... same as Lisa, I'm getting a cup of Peach Green Tea right now, then I'm gonna continue staring at your lovely scones... :)

Jenny said...

Too funny about the differences in traditions. You've got to be kidding about the eggs not refrigerated! I think I'll still refrigerate mine!

Your scones look just beautiful, I have never been a fan, but I think I could be convinced with the looks of yours!

Pam said...

You are killing me. Both recipes are making my mouth water and tummy rumble. I sure wish you were my neighbor!!

Girl Japan said...

Hey BFF.. hehe "wink", did you say eyes in the pantry? I've gotten used to eating fresh eggs here in Japan (with suki yaki) or with Natto ... but the pantry? Eh? hehe If there is anything that warms my tummy that is a Scone, they do vary country to country but I've never had lemon before... and I sure love brown sugar, I used to sprinkle bits on toast with butter when I was a child (after the jam ran out).

Which do you like best, the black sugar variety or light?

Hayley said...

Oooh yum! I actually have some blueberries lurking so I might have to make these :-D

And while I'm here, we call our ketchup ketchup. Tomato sauce is for going on pasta but we don't get it in a can like in America.

Our eggs come off the shelf but I store mine in the fridge.. and they're brown.

And I'm pretty sure that our trollies only have two moving wheels : )

VeggieGirl said...

Lots of different traditions, for sure!!

Loooove those scones and rolls!!

Prudy said...

We always had Utah style scones on Halloween night growing up. They are so good and yet so bad. I love them. YOur lemon blueberry look so good and super good for you too. I'll take one for dinner and the other for dessert. How funny about the eggs. We bought eggs individually in Chile. You could run to the store and buy one egg. Our milk was on the shelf though.

Grace said...

amen about shopping carts--i wrestle with those suckers every time. :)
i'm not a scone fan yet, but these sound mighty good.

Adam said...

Hooray for coffee treats, or in this case, tea :) The lemon blueberry ones look great, but I would have to go with jam or honey on them. Not a big cream dude, sorry :)

Ketchup is tomato sauce? That's just not right. And I think eggs don't actually need to be refrigerated. We just do it out of habit, or I'm completely wrong...

Aggie said...

I am cracking up about the 4 wheel drive shopping carts!

I also have "heard" that about eggs...that it is okay to store them out...interesting. I guess that maybe it means they are super fresh?

I had my possibly first scone this weekend at the farmers market (I don't remember having them before), it was a pumpkin scone and I couldn't resist. Yours look fantastic! I love that you put blueberries and lemons in them! And that filling...hello!! Oh, and I'll take fried dough anytime!!

Daziano said...

I came across scones for the first time when I moved to Canada! And I love them!

Deborah said...

Yeah, I'm afraid I would be totally confused and probably ruin quite a few dishes if I moved to a different country!!

And I think the fried scones are a Utah thing. My husband didn't even realize there was a different kind besides the fried ones, but these are "proper" scones to the rest of the world!

Erin said...

mexico: the eggs are also on the shelf, right across from the cleaning supplies... ? raw sugar = cheaper. and the bakery doesn't have sneeze guards on their pastry racks, which, at first, really weirded out my germaphobe-self, but i've come to find that the bread is much too tasty to avoid even if it is marinating in someone else's spittle. as long as i don't see someone cough all over the little refined-carbohydtrated delights, it never happened, right?

anudivya said...

Those look heavenly!
Yeah, and I agree with you on some places storing the eggs out in the pantry instead of the refrigerator. Even the stores have them out at room temperature back home. But then it could have been because they re-stock fresh ones everyday.
Now, I stash mine in the fridge though :)
First time here, and I am liking it.

Maria said...

I didn't know about the fried "Utah" scone until I moved here. They are quite popular. I like them both but I prefer the old fashioned kind. The lemon blueberry ones sound amazing!

Sara said...

Yummy scones! I love scones! I love your take on the scones squared. I will have to try scones with the lion house rolls dogh. I make the rolls often, but I have never made scones out of them. Thanks for the fresh ideas!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Nice looking scones - and what a great post! I love learning about how people do things in different countries!

Jessica said...

Cute post and awesome scone photos. I love them also!

Esi said...

I love scones, but I had never ever heard of fried scones until last week! I buy my eggs at the farmers market so they don't come in the refrigerator either, but there is a sticker on them that says to refrigerate them when you get home. Hmmm

Leslie said...

I will take the scones please. And I also find the egg storage sitaution wierd! I am gonna have to research this..I would love to free up space in my fridge and keep my eggs in the pantry! I go through a dozen of eggs in about 3 days!

Dee said...

1. The scones look great - can't go wrong with lemon & blueberry :)
2. Yes! Why are the eggs always on the shelf? And no white eggs in Malaysia either (I think). Although, Vit E, Low Cholesterol, Omega 3, Century and Salted all share the same shelf. Bizarre.
3. I cannot believe you bought ALL that honey. I want a research grant too!
4. Fried scones??

Bren@ Flanboyant Eats said...

i could eat a few of those right now as i finish my cold cup of Cuban coffee :)

alexandra's kitchen said...

the yogurt ingredient is so interesting. I think it might have the same affect as buttermilk, which I love using in scone recipes. these sound awesome!

alexandra's kitchen said...

the yogurt ingredient is so interesting. I think it might have the same affect as buttermilk, which I love using in scone recipes. these sound awesome!

The Blonde Duck said...

I don't know which one I want more--your scones or enchiladas! Such a tough call!

Chef James said...

I love my tomatoe sauce! Heather could never figure out the egg thing either btw. If the aussies have it look for clotted cream and have that on your scones, it is gorgeous, it is also a heart attack waiting to happen. I think I amy try and make some good ol US fried scones this weekend, thanks for the recipe.

Allison & Noah Riley said...

I have always wanted to make the non-Utah scone :) (I think we're the only ones who call the frybread stuff a scone?) and yet I've never attempted it. You're inspiring me, Nat...

Simply...Gluten-free said...

Great blog, my first time here. I will be back.

Bharti said...

I want to feel like the Pastry Chef of some quaint European bakery!!
Have been meaning to try out scones for a while now. I'll use your recipe. Do u think it'll work w/o the egg yolk?

Bharti said...

Oh...and I grew up in Dubai and grew up calling ketchup tomato sauce,and cookies biscuits, but the eggs did belong int he fridge (probably 'cause of the sweltering heat)

Satisfying my Sweet Tooth said...

How funny! I made scones for our little neighborhood conference breakfast last weekend and will post mine after brownie week is over. (you haven't entered the giveaway yet!) These look really good though and I would totally go to your bakery if you open one!

Julie said...

I'm curious about the fluffy stuff you've put in the middle? Looks awesome!

PotatoChef said...

Eggs belong in the fridge..yuk
But the scones sound and look great!

kittie said...

Oh yay - another scone fiend!

I love cheese scones, tattie scones, plain scones with butter, caramelised onion scones, dropped scones...

Can you tell I'm dribbling a little??

CECIL said...

Heehee..I can't help but cracking up here! My husband had such a 'fun' time around ketchup and tomato sauce and marinara sauce. He asked for 'ketchup' (which sounds like 'kecap') and was handed soy sauce (kecap). Hilarious. Don't even get me started on marinara sauce!! Waitresses looking at him funny...To make it more fun, he explained it in his very broken Indonesian. :D

I love scones!!! I like savory ones better, but scones are scones. :)

bec said...

My husband and I argue over what a SCONE is. I'm from NM, and I call the first scones "scones" and the second ones "sopapillas" (soap-ah-pee-yahs). Derek swears those second ones are scones, so we fight about it. :) No one has yet won, and so when I saw your scones post and the pictures just below it, I was happily going to rub his nose in the fact that (of course, lol) I was right! Then I kept reading. Darn you, fence sitter. :) I guess we'll have to agree to disagree after all.

Your recipes are awesome. Your blog is a joy to stalk. Thanks, again, for all of your hard work... and for the constant inspiration!

Mindy said...

I love scones- both kinds! I grew up with scones being the fried kind. I didn't know there was anything else until about 5 years ago.
Also- thanks for the photo suggestions. They helped. Hopefully my pictures will look like yours someday.

jen said...

love your food style. :)
These look fabulous.

Girl Japan said...

How are you? I wanted to tag you and let you know that I will be giving the scones a try this weekend.. = )

Prudy said...

Hey-where are you? I want a good laugh. Don't try to make me wait four days before I get one, hot garlic!

Kevin said...

Those scones filled with cream look so good! I have a collection of different types of honey as well.

Meryl said...

Those scones look so good! Somehow I've never thought of cutting them like a sandwich and spreading yummy stuff in between. Thanks for the epiphany!

jeri said...

I love scones! Have a great vacation!

Krystal said...

The Lion House Rolls recipe calls for dry non-fat milk..what if you don't have dry milk-can you use regular milk?

hot garlic said...

Key Krystal,

In lieu of subbing, I would just use a different bread / roll recipe. I have at least 2 other recipes for rolls on here, try one of those perhaps!

ash said...

Eek...I did something horribly wrong. I was all set to impress my new coworkers with my mad baking skills, but for some reason my lemon blueberry scones turned into goo :/

Yours look delicious though, I'm trying again right now (sans the blueberries and lemon, already used all that up on the first batch...)

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