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{Twixx are for kids} ...and the winner is:

First things first, the random generator picked commenter #9 -Brandon and Erica! I'm so excited since B or E clearly wanted it with their 'please pick me!'. Please email me your address and we'll get your Shelf Reliance gift pack off to you post haste!

Okay, so, the day I've been dreaming about has finally come true. Since I'm already married and have had my children, you obviously know I'm talking about the day I recreated my first homemade candy bar. And I have literally been dreaming about making homemade twixes for some time -so long I can't remember.

But along the same lines as the fact that, while I love lemongrass, ginger, leeks, and eggplant and other sundry ingredients-I rarely cook with them {though eggplant has popped up more frequently recently, I'm making progress}, ...the culinary mystery as to why I spent so much time dreaming about this Twixx without ever getting in gear and making it evades explanation. Tune in next week to discuss the possible emotional correlations behind the reasons that I constantly burn things and why I don't possess good knife skills...

Soooo. This is pretty {homemade} chic I think. And just slightly time consuming without being overly fussy or fiddly, that being said I am an avid candy maker, so perhaps not quite so sans fussy and fiddly for beginners. However, it is pretty unique. ...I know, kinda an oxymoron for something you're copying, but stay with me. I think it is an impressive thing to serve all pretty and made from scratch with love. But calling it a Twix kinda cheapens it. So I'm trying to think up a super pretentious name for my 'new' creation. Let me know if you've got anything good. I'd do another contest, but is that too redundant?


PS -Please read more notes on the recipe below as this will be my new format. I'll have meaningless information above, and hard core informationals about the recipe and what I encoutered in my journey in developing it below. This will hopefully help many of you who are interested in reading certain aspects of text to more easily find what you are looking for, especially when you are actually going to make the recipe.

Homemade with love Twixx Bars

1/4 recipe caramel {as in make the full recipe and you'll have some leftover to make turtles or caramel pretzels or caramel oaty bars} -instead of adding vanilla at the end of this recipe, I cooked it with a vanilla bean and even stored the bean in the leftover caramel

Chocolate of your choice for dipping


1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour

1 cup white flour

1/3 cup powdered sugar

just under 1 cup almond meal

1 1/2 tsp salt

1/3 cup butter at room temperature

2-ish T. melted butter

A tablespoon or two of water

Place all dry ingredients in food processor and blitz

Add butters, and continue to mix thoroughly. Mixture should be crumbly.

Take mixture out of FP and mix just enough water in by hand

*mixture will still be crumbly, I had to force it together and it was quite crumbly and sections would crumble slightly. Keep going with it! Or just add more butter, because that is what it really needs but you know how I try to spare it!

Roll mixture out and cut into strips. Bake on a greased sheet pan {I used stoneware, actually, as I use to bake everything almost exclusively. It was very easy, and virtually no breakage dramas whatsoever or sticking issues, and then I scraped the pan down and put it back in the cupboard}

Bake in a 350 / 190 degree preheated oven until no longer soft when touched and lighly tinged golden.

To assemble:

Have warm caramel ready and chocolate melted. Caramel should drizzle, but not be so thin or hot that it will goop off of the bar when placed on. It should be pliable enough, but then remain on the bar when placed. Wish I had a thermometer so I could tell you what mine was at -but it was about 20-25 minutes after making it.

Place cooled bars onto a parchment / waxed/ baking paper lined sheet {or silpat}. Take a rubber spatula and drizzle caramel over bar.

Dip or otherwise cover the bars and place on parchment. Once chocolate has dripped, carefully use a butter knife or slender spatula to transfer to a separate parchment lined sheet -this helps the bars to be more pretty, the drippy sludge at the bottom won't set in when the chocolate cools.

The option is there to decorate, as I let my kids do with these. Simply allow cool until chocolate is set and enjoy -or wrap up like old-timey lollies

*So I was uber-happy with this recipe. I did not google other recipes out there, though I assume others have had this genius idea before. I was going for a hybrid of a shortbread crust mixed with sweet shortcrust pastry. The almond meal was genius, it gives you the texture you're after while at the same time giving it a delectable nutty flavor. This could totally be reworked to not include it and still be phenomenal if you didn't have / couldn't find almond meal or for cost reasons, but since I but it in bulk so I have it coming out my ears and I'm just running with it.

The dough isn't overly fussy, but it, like many doughs and especially pastry doughs, doesn't like to be overly mixed or touched. I made 1/2 of the dough up the first night, and refridgerated the second half. I cooked it up a few days later, and it wasn't quite as good. It was less buttery and light and became only slightly more cracker-esque. But no one would even notice if this happens to you. The caramel and choc are kinda like the gravy sauce to an overbaked chicken -they do their very best to cover it up.

Ok, enjoy!


Englishfam said...

Nat you are killin me! I have been "off" sugar for 5 days and haven't had any relapses yet but this post made my mouth water. You are definitely adventurous to even dream of making your own twix bar. Who does that? You. Okay. Maybe in one of my relapse moments I might try to make these. :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Congrats to the winner! Those bars look fantastic and ever so scrumptious! Better than the bought version...



riley said...

This post is solid evidence as to why I am the luckiest man in the world and also why I weigh at least 15 lbs more than I should. The Beatles can have their "gun" I say happiness is a "warm twix"!

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

I gotta say, when I come up with a food idea (like making bread and butter pudding with hot cross buns) I avoid googling because I like the idea of feeling like I've thought up something new and novel, and google will immediately dispel that, you know? I LOVE the idea of making homemade twix, they look so pretty! Yay for homemade chic. Unfortunately I can't think of a name for them at this point. But they really look delish. Hope your new format works for you. I personally enjoy making my blog format as difficult to follow as possible, just to test peoples' loyalty/sanity :D

Jennifer said...

WOW now those bars are great!!! I love this idea, as would my husband! Thanks for the step by step! LOVE your blog :)

Gaengy said...

Those look so good and like Heather my mouth is watering! Bring me one!! I'll be waiting!!!

Jayme Duke said...

Ooh these look so scrumptious! I love twix bars. This is defnitely going on the 'to make' list.

Brandon and Erica said...

Natalie! I am so excited about winning! I read through this post and thought, "Wow! There is someone else out there named Erica and with a husband named Brandon!" But clearly, the "Please pick me!" could only come from my fingers :-).

Thank you so much! I emailed you my address. My birthday was on June 29 (the night your auction ended), so I consider this one of the best bday gifts I could ever get!


Rose at The Bite Me Kitchen said...

HOLY COW! You are killing me! Look at those :) WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I'm in love =D

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I was a Twix addict when I was a kid. I thought I was over them. And I was, until i saw this post.

Ravenous Couple said...

wow, these look too good to eat!

gauci123 said...

This seems really delicious, keep it up great recipe and great idea.

C Hall said...

mmm. looks soooo good. too bad matt didn't assign your hubby to bring treats tomorrow! you'll be missed! hope all goes well for you this week.

Leslie said...

Ok sista..Twixx are one of my favorites! And the fact that you made them just pisses me off because you dont live closer, so I could have scarfed some up

tastestopping said...

We are big fans of making at home what we used to buy in the store, when we can. Including (but not limited to): pasta, corn tortillas, flour tortillas, pancakes from scratch, marshmallows, and so on. This recipe will fit beautifully into our repertoire and make my kids jump for joy as well.

I hope this next part doesn't earn your ire as "promotional." I found you via Tastespotting and wanted to invite you to check out my new website for foodies who have had their photos rejected from TS and FG. You can find the address below. It's a lot of fun, so I hope you will swing by, take a look around and tell me what you think. Once I have the time to make these (Fwix? Faux+Twixx?), I will report back with my experience.


Pearl said...

that looks absolutely great! twix was my favorite when i was little; how i'd love to be able to make a chic and pretty homemade version!

Meghan said...

Oh my gosh - Twixx are my favorite candy bar!!!! I was wondering if you had a suggestion for a substitution for the almond meal (I'm allergic). I could google it, but I thought you would be a better resource since you've made this particular recipe. I'm interested to read about possible explanations for why you burn things! :)

dishingup said...

Oh my gosh! These look scarily delicious. How do they hold up at room temp? I think I would NOT bring some home. We'd eat them all in one sitting. How's your summer going missy?


Allison and Noah Riley said...

Hey! B&E are good friends of ours :).

April Marie Claire- GIRL Japan said...

I can not belive you made homemade twix!!!" What can't you do?

Foodycat said...

Twix is my favourite! Yum!

Payam said...

I just made these tonight and am pretty happy with how they turned out. The onyl thing is that the caramel turned out really chewy.. Maybe I just overcooked the caramel, but other than that, they are delicious. I think next time i am going to try to add some nuts as well

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