Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Homemade Houmous

Does anyone else love hummus??

I think it's the perfect snack/condiment/dip... So many uses!

After finding myself paying over $5 a pop at the deli, I redecided again to make my own, starting with soaking and cooking my own chickpeas. 

For me, and many of you may not agree and I'm prepared for that, endeavoring to make as much of the dish from start to finish is incredibly fulfilling. Hummus is probably the apex of that ambition because it is so simple and wholesome -and comprises so few ingredients. 

If these Sweet Potato corn chips from Late July won't covert you, nothing will!  I also love carrot and capsicum/pepper sticks. Search the archives in aught 5 for my hummus burger if you're keen. 

Hummus is simple to make, I soak half a bag of chickpeas (garbanzo beans), drain and then cook until tender. While still hot after draining (and reserving the water) I chuck in some garlic (2-3 cloves ought to do it) the juice from a lemon, plenty of olive oil and tahini, and it will take what may seem like heaps of the cooking liquid incrementally added back in until desired consistency is achieved. Don't forget the sea salt!  All very standard. 

For this batch I used some of the flavored olive oil from feta and herbs in olive oil in rhe fridge. Was an easy way to use it up saving it from waste and to take my hummus from stock standard to high-end deliesque. I serve with more oil drizzled on top and a sprinkle of sea salt for garnish. 

I put off making hummus because I no longer have a food processor. Not to worry! I'm now using my immersion blender with great results!  Improvise, food is never as fussy or intimidating as it seems. 

Please share your successes and failures!

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Mr. & Mrs. P said...

Love hummus!! So creamy and delicious!

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